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>> yes, and 95 degrees and sinophile. and with some record breakers out there-sinophile. --and that is a new grandson rafae san rafael. and it is hoty area wide. and 98 degrees and redwood city court 95 in oakland ties the record high temperature. 92 in mountain view, the same thing. will have to wait until perhaps another hour or so to see if these temperatures increased to break records. closer to the coast, it is a bit cooler but will stay mild tonight. the only cool temperatures will be closer to the coastline. and it is going to be cool to start the day compared to today. is also going to be more comfortable because
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things are going to be hot again tomorrow. with triple digits expected with neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. >> and beyond the bay area, downtown los angeles has reported reported 113 degrees to the old record for los angeles 1112 degrees on june 26, 1990. the los angeles record previously was 1112. and the city of san francisco spanspends hal50 million, and thousands ren on the streets. >> the city of san francisco spend $150 million for homeless each year. and it has taken of and thousand of the streets in
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the past six years. either permanent housing or sending them home. kate thompson reports of thousands more remain on the street. >> san francisco is not going to close the borders to the homeless so every year everybody comes to the city and ends up on the street. >> the client, we've a lot of social service organization, and a very tolerant community. and a people in need. i think that all plays into effect for homeless coming to san francisco. >> homeless advocates are saying that they are from the bay area increased, dramatically over the past couple of years because of the economy. despite spending millions, there are 250 families on the wait list for shelter. >> people from poor communities are losing income, becoming homeless, they do not have that high credit card. or savings account to rely on. so, they end up losing their house, and a eventually, they find their way through the shelter system. >> and even of millions of dollars being spent, thousands of people taken off the streets of public opinion seems to be that homeless in san francisco is a big problem. the director of human services agency that the san francisco's problem is magnified because of the san francisco's geography. the view
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>> i think what you see is that it is in your face more. is in your face. los angeles, in terms of square miles, los angeles county dwarfs san francisco. we are 49 square miles. and because it is much our service centers are centrally located. smaller in los angeles, the the higher concentration of homeless people on the streets. concentrated, so you see them more, concentrated. kate thompson reporting. >> and we caught up with some of the homeless populations. >> and i came from austin, tex. two dozen 8 and i have been here ever since homeless on/off. >> and i ran away from oregon when i was 12 years old and i've been in san francisco for the on the eight years. >> i had a job in the chicago and i lost it. i came out here to san francisco about 15 years ago and i've been living on the street, getting by. >> i met a guy who was 28 years
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old when i was 11. and my mother said you can either played by my rules or run away with that guy? >> i was are hesitant and the kind of lost it. starting over. >> i am on the methadone. i have had a past substance-abuse problem, not no more. >> i do enjoy trekking, occasionally! and when i cash in my recitals every two days and one i do i get a jug of wine. >> ice, pa, alcohol, and it i otherwise, i'm just of her surviving. >> all three but we spoke with say they feel safer on the street and they do in the shelters. new legislatures in the san bruno gas line explosion. congresswoman jackie spear announced the introduction
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of a bill with new interes regulations. \ and if this pass it will require utilities to automatically, or remote operated shot of the bells and all the pipelines located in heavily populated areas. >> if there were shut off the valves were automatically, or remote that could have turned the gas off? within five minutes instead of one hour 46 minutes perhaps your lives and even homless homes. and this should e been done a long time ago. >> this would also require utilities to notify residents if they are living within 2,000 ft. of gas transmission line. records show that pg&e has reported gas line leaks that six times the average for other large pipeline companies, and this los angeles times shows that pg&e has reported 48 week
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since 2004. it goes all along 1,000 mi. of population centers, or environmentally sensitive areas miles leaks 48 leaks. >> governor arnold schwarzenegger has delayed this execution until two days until 9:00 p.m. on thursday. this is the appeals court's time to wait and on grounds case and the government to wait and on the clemency request. brown's new legal injunctioinjection policyn sued by brown. >> this new suicide sign will be going up. 250, and caltrain has been working on increasing safety measures after five palo alto students committed suicide
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on these tracks over eight months. san francisco is one step closer banning toy giveaways. with fast-food meals. a board of supervisors' committee was held today and that would make it illegal for children's meals to come with a tory. if it exceeds the limit on calories, fat, sodium. at- come with a plastic toy. >> and education over all. the president's plan and a big payday for the san francisco school system and the multimillion-dollar get from bill gates. at 5:45 a major merger is too large airlines joined forces. how it could effect the way you trouble. 5:to the 5, do think illegal immigrants are taking away american jobs? a new study says the but the truth really is. >> a live look outside at walnut creek. and heather farms swimming practice, and it is 99
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degrees in walnut creek. we are going to hit triple digits with widespread triple digits will talk more about that heat wave, coming up.
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>> wildfires burning across the street and in bay area. jonathan blum is showing us where this is burning in the north bay. >> jonathan? >> near novado. and this has been contained. to take a closer look. if your in novadto becomes hicks valley road and it is in an area that was mostly grass. there are a few trees. however, this barboni ranch used to be an active dairy ranch. now, it is not. the reason why there were able to get control so quickly
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because there's a fire station right over here. it is on the one half mile away so you could see that a small, flames but firefighters say it is under control. jonathan blum, kron 4 news. >> southern california firefighters are looking for controlling this from a brush fire. and this started after 2:00 p.m. is burning near structures but no evacuation seven ordered. we've been mentioning this tour of the newscast. no evacuations-have been ordered. to currently helicopters are on the scene, and two helicopters are being requested. with over 50 0 a.. near san diego, this fire started over the weekend in mexico and crossed the border into tecate and with the battle a blaze continues. >> concord, is 100 degrees! 99
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5:00 p.m. and over tonight let us take a look of the rest of our current temperatures because it is hot bay area white. when 100 degrees in santa rosa a new record record bay area wide. 99 degrees in napa, still 14 with 100, and opened at 95. and still at redwood city, it is a 98 degrees in cooler along the coast for fog formed last night and it will again tonight. the warm, dry air is not going to
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budge. more triple digits, tomorrow. with 103 predicted and careful, and with that fog that i just mentioned is going to be right at the coastline keeping temperatures in the '70s, tomorrow. and with 80s and the east bay shore, 85 in richmond, a bit more comfortable. this is where we will see the triple digits with walnut creek, danville, a passport, antioch, and over 100 degrees. and also the south bay, 103 in morgan hill, for los . and as the hot, dry air. is not going anywhere. and through inland, finally, some relief on wednesday and especially towards the weekend. more closer to average temperatures for this time of year. >> anxious times at this beach. if the wife and two children or
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on the sand. when they were trapped against this bluff with incoming high tide. these rescue workers waded out to this training for some and brought them back into safety. family >> and now, the swimmers itch and what is causing this to get itchy @ crowne apparel state beach an element of a parasite in this water has been giving some swimmers an itch some people in reporting of getting a rash after swimming in the salomon beach and now it is known why. researchers up on this tiny parasite that of live on the japanese bubble snail and how it got here is not certain but they are thriving in these waters. they are great swimmers and can latch on from anything from dave mil ras or a poison o
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depending on a person's. and the late summer months, of september, october, it is one this is the most prevalent. in alameda, daniel villareal >> president obama has some tough words for american students and teachers, to date. telling both that the need to work harder. >> the presence of money is not the answer to improving agitation. does the president. >> he said scores have been declining. as education spending has climbed. he offered to different remedies one is to lengthen the school year by one month. bringing the u.s. in line with germany, japan, korea. and also, to get rid of bad teachers. president obama said that under performed the educators need to be fired. or counseling. that is what he did not send his owned $2 to a
5:20 pm
public school in washington d.c. because they could not obtain a decent education. >> and the last white house family to children to attend public school was in the carter. 25 years ago. san francisco received a grant from the mollen duckbill peace foundation. it donated $3 billion to the city- bill gates foundation. the bridge to success campaign that is currently used for college preparation in kindergarten. >> and it is fundamental to get somebody college ready. and it is another to address their needs, immediately, their education efficiency is coming out of high school to prepare to succeed in high school and that is with a big gap is. >> the money will be paid to the school district and the college over the next three years. >> date 89, still no state
5:21 pm
budget for this to the california. day 89, and a and to this stalemate to close a $19 million deficit. and an update. the progress? >> this is dead! >> and it is perhaps almost a quarter of a year. the big five, the governor, the parties went behind closed doors at 4:45 hammer out details. late last week they said that it received and got into some type of agreement on a framework. no, they're hammering out details. >> and a framework is a long way from an agreement. especially if every is to vote on it. >> yes and one of the big cold of is that has to be a two- thirds. we have a long way to go. >> big. and with people depending on the state money, and the vendors, health care, children, elderly, and what are the sticking points? >> the governor wants a long- term reform as the budget, attenpension and that is diffict
5:22 pm
to reach a consensus as many thought it would be. still, the governor remains optimistic as it was speaking earlier he thinks this can be done with an 1-2 weeks. he is still optimistic and hopefully the legislative leaders will also be one the come out of this meeting. >> the dam. >> this is walnut creek in the headlights are going northbound. the 680-24 interchange. medium clip. san jose, 101, the headlights are going southbound however, the northbound is going okay and the guadeloupe overpass is a bit sluggish
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what's in your wallet? @2 ♪ >> this just in to the kron 4 news room we have some major delays to tell you about. we're hearing that the fremont line at the dublin pleasanton area and daly city is the very slow. major delays with equipment problems on the tracks. if you are taking any of those lines?
5:26 pm
be prepared for a longer journey than expected. and dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in national news, the midwest is being battered by serious flooding. one of the hardest is portage, wisconsin. one neighborhood is under water in there is a lot of concern of a nearby levee holding up. the governor has declared a state of emergency in portag mich. wiscod they're asking get out what people to not want to leave their home. there is also flooding and parts of minnesota, and south dakota. and that was portage, wisconsin. >> this will be businessman was found dead. 62 year-old jimmy castleton. they do not suspect foul play he bought this sedgeway co. and he fell off of a sedgeway and is dead.
5:27 pm
>> a delta airlines flight made an emergency landing at jfk international airport in new york on saturday night. web producer, kimberly sakamoto. the cellphone video the capture those dramatic moments. kimberly? >> pamela, these passengers went through a roller-coaster of motions. first they thought it was funny because they were circling for about 20 minutes. the one person said that they've got that the pilot did not know where to land. and that the pilot said it was a very serious and then let us take a look of the final moments. right of with a touchdown. >> brace for impact! >> has a down, stay down! heads down, stay down, head set down, stay down! [applause]
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>> you can see the there were sparks, with a fine landing and no injuries, reported. >> and a live look over san francisco it is starting to cool down a little bit. san francisco. still, very warm with 84 degrees. it is going to be another hot one. and where corn to see even more suspected, inland. and this heat will continue and more details after the break.
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